Making of Vanitas : Part #4 Hunting and Gathering / by Flower Couture

Feb - Mar 2016

One of the fun parts of the process is collecting what will be a part of the images. Fine-tuning and detailing these items plays a key role for this project.

Two textile moths made by a british artist, Nia Bird
- Sam Feb 2016

Sam found two beautifully aged textile moths using the used fabric made by Nia Bird. These moths became important items to the theme.


Finding a right material for the theme
- Aya Feb 2016

Finding a right crew is also the key. Sam reached out her past collaborator, MUA Ava Bambico and her friend hair hair stylist Trista Bremer. We were also fortunate to get participation of new models and the models who Sam and I worked with in the past. Stars aligned. Few more days to go!