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Born in Tokyo, currently in San Francisco.

Aya Vloet, a floral artist based in San Francisco. Flower Couture is derived from the idea of "Haute Couture", a historical practice of fashion made by hand with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We apply this philosophy to floral designs to serve for fashion, art, performance, editorials, and bridals. The designs by Aya seek to infuse a modern energy and dynamic into the composition and confer a unique identity in each piece.


Flowers - Celebrating the Bliss of Their Impermanence

Flowers, with their colorful diverse presence, brighten up the world with a moment of joy. It is almost a cruel irony that they, possibly the highest forms of beauty in the natural world, are mortal and ephemeral. They sprout, bloom and decay. We believe that there is something valuable in creating artworks with this mortal medium, because due to their very living nature the appearance will change from one viewing to another with their progression through their lifespan. We believe there is value in this progression from one state to another.

Couture - Juxtaposing Haute Couture x Mortal Material

Flower Couture brings in the practice of haute couture to create floral artworks. In the 1700s, haute couture was designed by skilled craftsmen and are tailored specifically to suit the wearer. It was not just a piece of clothing by itself, but a piece of art that includes the whole culture around it, involving the craftsmen and the clients in a dialogue about the fashion of the era. While applying high level of craft and care, we purposely use mortal materials to highlight the beauty of an image that can only be obtained at that moment.


Flower Couture was formed by Aya Vloet in a tiny apartment in Nob Hill, San Francisco. Starting as an experiment with her equally art-minded housemates, she used her background in Ikebana, Japanese floral art, to explore draping them with floral arrangements. This turned into a platform that has extended worldwide through word of mouth and involves professionals who share similar principles in the fields of fashion, photography, and design, and the desire to revitalize the craftsmanship of old. She is certified as a Shihan, master in Sogetsu Ikebana from Tokyo, Japan.


| fashion show |
fiera milano, milan
bedford gallery, walnut creek
the dryansky gallery, san francisco
numu - new museum los gatos, los gatos
ruby skye, san francisco
union square, san francisco
hyatt regency, san francisco
the compound, atlanta
gensler, san francisco
fairmont hotel, san francisco
maxwells, oakland
denwell center, taipei

| music event |
batsu art gallery harajuku, tokyo
hotel cafe hollywood, los angeles
yerba buena center for the arts, san francisco
element lounge, san francisco
330 ritch, san francisco
broadway popup, san francisco

| party ceremony |
university club, san francisco
press club, san francisco
carneros inn, napa
yoshi's, san francisco
digital garage, san francisco
brazilian room, berkeley
carnelian room, san francisco
la boutique l'art et la mode, san francisco
precidio chapel, san francisco
the air, oakland
milano hotel, san francisco
union larder, san francisco

| other |
two rooms, tokyo
legion of honor, san francisco
conservatory of flowers, san francisco

and various private events & occasions


North America  -  San Francisco, New York, Napa, Oakland, Berkeley, Atlanta, Portland, Vancouver
Europe London, Eindhoven, Milan, Santorini
Asia  -  Tokyo, Taipei

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