Making of Vanitas : Part #1 The Origin / by Flower Couture

Today, I got an announcement that our floral editorial project, Vanitas, got published on Dark Beauty Magazine with twelve full pages. I am very thankful for this collaboration with Sam Breach and the passionate team! Upon launching our blog with the new interface, I would like to share this collaborative creative process from beginning to completion.


Jan 23rd, 2016

Sam Breach contacted us when we were looking for a runway photographer for our floral show, Impermanence I. Shortly after the show, we received the first batch of her photographs and I was fascinated by her skill combining technological knowledge and aesthetic sensibility. Sam and I realized that we share a lot in common on what we want to achieve through the creation of artworks. And that was the beginning of the saga!

Feb 8th, 2016

I met up with Sam in downtown, SF. After a couple of meetings and cups of tea, we brainstormed some concepts and this collaboration started to move toward a solid direction. We decided on a key concept "floating water" and the date was set for March 5th.

Preliminary Sketches for "Floating Water" Project 
- Aya Feb 2016